Farfetch Stock: Buy the Panic-Induced Dip in FTCH

All shopping is moving online — including luxury fashion — and that’s why luxury fashion e-retailer Farfetch (NYSE:FTCH) has been one of Wall Street’s favorite stocks over the past year. During that stretch, Farfetch’s stock price has risen more than 500%. 

farfetch (FTCH) logo next to a hanger

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But things aren’t going so well for Farfetch stock today. 

The company reported fourth-quarter numbers Thursday, after the bell. Those numbers were good and topped estimates.

But the company’s growth momentum meaningfully slowed from the third quarter, and management is guiding for this slowdown to carry into 2021.

Investors who have been bidding up FTCH stock for over a year now, weren’t too impressed. Farfetch stock dropped more than 10%. 

What’s next? 

Some consolidation here while investors process this slowdown as well as broader interest rate headwinds. Then a return to the stock’s long-term uptrend.

So, if time is on your side, you

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Del Core intros new brand with live show during digital MFW

Gregory P. Daily

It was a lockdown well-spent for Daniel Del Core

MILAN — It was a lockdown well-spent for Daniel Del Core.

And he defied yet another piece of conventional wisdom, launching Del Core with a live runway show during the otherwise digital Milan Fashion Week of womenswear previews for the next cold weather season. Just 40 invited guests were socially distanced in the basement of Milan’s city archives, boxes of files replaced by trays of plants: the seed of a new collection that is taking root.

Rapid COVID tests were offered at the

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What is thrift cycling? TikTok users concerned reselling is gentrifying shops

Gregory P. Daily

Thrifting has always been a pillar of cool, trendy, resourceful fashion. If you feel like it has become a lot more popular lately, you are correct.

The traditional clothing retail market hit a slump with the COVID-19 pandemic, but online secondhand sales soared and are projected to grow 69 percent between 2019 and 2021, according to research conducted by resale app ThredUp.

Peer-to-peer secondhand shopping apps like ThredUp and Poshmark — and their cool, Gen Z cousin Depop — made thrifting accessible and lucrative in a time when people are encouraged to stay inside. A few chosen scouts scour thrift stores and their own closets for hidden gems, then sell them to buyers online. Straightforward, right?

Enter here for a chance to win a $500 Uber gift card. 

Credit: In The Know/Kelsey Weekman

Well, no. This entire process has called into question the ethics of thrifting — both

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6 best women’s sweaters in 2021, according to fashion experts

Gregory P. Daily

What is the best fabric for sweaters?

Here are the seven best fabrics and blends the fashion pros say you’re most likely to come across while shopping for sweaters.

Sweaters made with natural materials

While you shop, you’ll find these four materials in both organic and recyclable variations.

  • Wool: 100-percent wool sweaters get a bad rep for being itchy, and Christian Juul Nielsen, creative director of contemporary womenswear brands AKNVAS and Herve Leger, suggested an easy fix to “make the wool a lot softer and lighter:” Opt for wool sweaters blended with at least 20 percent polyamide, a synthetic material often found in activewear in the form of nylon.
  • Cashmere: According to designer Victor Li, “good cashmere is delicate and as soft as silk.” The New York-based designer calls the luxury fabric “one of the finest types of wool” because it helps regulate body temperature, and “recycles
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