Our top 10 blenders, tried and tested

Gregory P. Daily

Making smoothies at home is an easy and affordable way to get your five-a-day, and could be healthier than buying ready-made versions, which can be high in added sugar.

By adding a smoothie maker to your line-up of kitchen gadgets, you’ll be whipping up nutritious fruit- and veg-packed drinks in a jiffy, with total control over the ingredients you use.

To help kickstart (or continue on) your wellness journey, here’s our pick of the best smoothie makers…

Is a smoothie maker the same as a blender?

The main difference between a smoothie maker and a blender is that smoothie makers – also known as “personal blenders” – are designed to make smaller portions at a time, which can help cut down on food waste.

Their main function is to whizz up smoothies, which you can easily drink on the go thanks to the smoothie maker’s jug transforming into a cup

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9 Outdated Spring Fashion Trends and 9 We’re Wearing Instead

Gregory P. Daily

When it comes to a brand new season, there’s a lot to digest. Luckily for you, it’s our job as editors to watch the latest runway shows, chat with insider fashion experts, and know what’s in the pipeline for retailers. Long story short, we study up on all things fashion for work so that you don’t have to. So, if you’re wondering what our thoughts are on the coolest pieces to buy right now, we have you covered.

Curious to know Who What Wear editors’ thoughts on the top trends for the months ahead and the outdated spring fashion trends they’re skipping for 2021, I asked them to share their unfiltered thoughts. Ahead, our team is diving into the must-buy items on their spring shopping lists they can’t wait to slip into, as well as the pieces they’re putting on the back burner—at least for right now.

Skipping: netting

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