What is thrift cycling? TikTok users concerned reselling is gentrifying shops

Gregory P. Daily

Thrifting has always been a pillar of cool, trendy, resourceful fashion. If you feel like it has become a lot more popular lately, you are correct.

The traditional clothing retail market hit a slump with the COVID-19 pandemic, but online secondhand sales soared and are projected to grow 69 percent between 2019 and 2021, according to research conducted by resale app ThredUp.

Peer-to-peer secondhand shopping apps like ThredUp and Poshmark — and their cool, Gen Z cousin Depop — made thrifting accessible and lucrative in a time when people are encouraged to stay inside. A few chosen scouts scour thrift stores and their own closets for hidden gems, then sell them to buyers online. Straightforward, right?

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Credit: In The Know/Kelsey Weekman

Well, no. This entire process has called into question the ethics of thrifting — both

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