Fashion influencer Akshaya Alshi believes sustainable fashion is going to be the trend in 2021

Gregory P. Daily

Akshaya Alshi is one of the most glamorous bloggers and influencers with a great presence on Instagram and with a huge number of followers. She creates photo content on fashion, luxury and lifestyle. Her audience loves her sense of fashion and gets inspired by her sense of beauty.

She has studied fashion from London, Istituto Marangoni. Alshi entered the fashion industry by being the face of India internationally, getting recognised by the brands progressively. She is known to have multiple talents. She is a good actor and done a film in Tamil named Thotrangal Poiyagalam.

At a tender age, she has social partnerships with more than 150 brands and shoots for fashion editorials/magazines. She is very selective in choosing the brand she endorses, taking her responsibility towards her following. Alshi has a huge number of followers from all sectors, mostly from the entertainment and fashion industry. She has been able to achieve and bag most amazing brands as partnership.

“My strategy has always been to create quality content. I find that when you get too caught up in the numbers, it’s easy to lose creative control but I focus more on creating great content by developing new concepts. I love developing relationships with brands, my peers, and my followers,” says Alshi.

Talking about new fashion trends, Alshi recommends the use of sustainable fashion and inculcating it. She believes sustainable fashion is going to be the trend in 2021 where recycled clothes will be apparently popular.

Alshi has been the face of SIIMA Awards 2019, held in Doha, Qatar, as she represented Indian Blogger community for the international film festival.

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