Party Perfect Makeup Tutorial ft Muskan Chanchlani

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Glamming up for a party is more exciting than ever before. After all, that short period away from makeup was really a troubling time. The party makeup trends today are all about the eyes and we aren’t complaining. Beauty blogger Muskan Chanchlani shows you one of her favourite party makeup looks by taking you through a step-by-step makeup video tutorial. So pick up your makeup tools and get started.

Perfect Party Look ft Muskan Chanchlani


#1 Prep & Prime

First and foremost, it is important to prep your skin with a hydrating moisturiser or a makeup primer. Ideally, once your moisturiser is fully absorbed by your skin, proceed to using a makeup base primer.

Tip: You can even use a pore minimiser after primer on areas where the pores look enlarged.

#2 Foundation

The next step after prepping your skin with primer is to apply foundation. A beauty blender, which

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BlendJet Review: This Pint-Sized Instagram Blender Is Perfect for Small Spaces

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If you regularly scroll through Instagram, you’ve probably contemplated buying something random. If you spotted a colorful portable blender and thought, “OMG, I need it,” this BlendJet review is for you (you’re welcome).

If you haven’t seen BlendJet 2 (Bed Bath and Beyond, $50) Instagram ads, allow me to paint a picture. The ads range from straightforward testimonials from star athletes who extol the virtues of blending on the go to soothing (but admittedly bizarre) ASMR videos where viewers can listen to someone whispering about blending celery and other veggies.

The Insta-branding might make you think this is a magical tube of smoothie-making delight, but ultimately, the BlendJet 2 is a 16-ounce cordless blender that you can charge and take, well, anywhere. You simply replenish the battery using a USB-C cord, and then you’re good to go for about 16 blends, according to BlendJet. The unit has

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Coach x Champion Is The Perfect Blend Of Fashion & Athleisure

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These days, designer collabs are pretty much everywhere. It’s not surprising to hear of an upcoming Simone Rocha x H&M collection, or another round of STAUD x New Balance selling out. That said, a Coach x Champion collab is one I never saw coming—and I’m fully geeking out about it. Could a more 2021-friendly collection exist?

With last year behind us, many fashionistas are slowly gravitating from our well-worn sweatsuits to loungewear and athleisure pieces that feel slightly more chic. We still aren’t ready to commit to head-to-toe ~real clothes~, but we’re getting there! Not to mention accessorizing our dressed-down looks to the max to balance the lack of effort.

That’s why this collection just makes so much sense right now. Coach x Champion features tees, hoodies, joggers and of course, some gorgeous handbags, all of which can be worked into a “dressed-down, but still chic” 2021 fashion aesthetic with

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it’s time to find my perfect winter coat

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11 Fiction Books About Black Joy You Need To Read Now

The last year has been particularly taxing for Black folk. Not only have we been dealing with coronavirus disproportionately impacting our community, we’ve also been reliving racial trauma following the death of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests. Black people have suffered but as 22-year-old inaugural poet Amanda Gorman notes, “even as we hurt, we grew.” As we settle into a new year, ‘joy’ is the word we’re focusing on and that means reading stories which uplift, inspire and make us feel proud of being Black.There are plenty of novels that delve into the effects of systemic and historic racism on people’s lives and which are important for us all to read and learn from – but it’s also imperative to read stories that uplift Black people and show us winning. Ahead is a

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