Support the LGBTQ+ Community All PRIDE Month Long by Shopping from These Brands

Gregory P. Daily
Photo credit: Happy Socks x The Phluid Project
Photo credit: Happy Socks x The Phluid Project

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Between the two global pandemics of coronavirus and the unjust murders of black people by police brutality, we’re brought together this June to celebrate the true meaning of PRIDE month: to celebrate the strides our LGBTQ+ community has made for a more inclusive environment, and to band together to fight against the tumultuous bigotry that still plagues our society.

To say the Black Lives Matter movement has nothing to do with PRIDE month, or the LGBTQ+ community in general, is factually wrong: Some of the most pivotal moments in LGBTQ+ history, such as the Stonewall Inn protests, were led largely by POC queer and trans folk.

So, this year we’re going beyond rainbows and glitter to show our support, and we’re asking you to do the same. The following brands have made a commitment this month to

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